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Hair Loss is Optional

Updated: 2 days ago

Common Reasons for Hair Loss


Following childbirth, a significant number of women go through a phase of excessive hair thinning and loss, which can be attributed to a decrease in estrogen levels. Our Growth Retention System is an innovative solution to postpartum hair loss. Our products are carefully formulated to stimulate new hair growth and repair damaged follicles caused by low estrogen levels. With its natural blend of organic ingredients and vitamins, it helps to nourish and strengthen hair while providing essential hydration for improved texture. It also helps to protect against future hair loss and breakage. Click here to book a Postpartum/Low Estrogen Consultation


Although uncommon, some medications have been known to cause hair loss as a side effect. These medications may include beta-blockers, blood thinners, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs, certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and hormone-related drugs such as thyroid medication, hormone replacement therapies, and steroids to name a few. Our Growth Retention System is designed to help those suffering from hair loss, dry hair, scalp inflammation and an irritated scalp due to these medications. Scalp inflammation is an unseen cause for hair loss, but our advanced formula helps reduce scalp inflammation and restore the natural balance of the hair. It also helps protect the hair from further damage while promoting healthy hair growth all while eliminating scalp irritations caused by these health and lifestyle changes. Our system is easy to use and specifically designed to help women of all ages. With regular use, you can expect to see a noticeable improvement in the health of your hair. Click here to book a Health/Lifestyle Hair Loss Consultation


It's not uncommon for individuals to experience some degree of hair loss as they age. The process of aging can cause a decrease in the rate of hair growth, as well as a reduction in hair strand size and pigmentation. Our Growth Retention System is designed to help those with aging hair loss, such as thinning, bald spots, and weak hair. It works to replenish and restore hair follicles to reduce breakage and thinning, while strengthening the hair strands for a fuller appearance. The system is tailored to each individual to ensure maximum effectiveness, and can help to reduce the appearance of bald spots and other signs of hair loss. With regular use, this system can help to re-energize and nourish the scalp, leaving you with thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. Click here to book an Aging Hair Loss Consultation


The leading cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition that typically occurs with aging, commonly referred to as male or female-pattern baldness. Our Growth Retention System is designed to help those suffering from hereditary hair loss, alopecia, bald spots, and thinning hair. It helps to strengthen the hair follicle and promote natural hair growth. Our system includes a variety of treatments and products to nourish and protect the scalp and hair. With regular use, our Growth Retention System can help reduce hair loss and restore hair growth. Not all hair loss is heredity Click here to book a Heredity Hair Loss Consultation

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