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Simply Sophisticated's

Signature Hair Care System



Simply Sophisticated's
Product Demonstration

Our product purifies, strengthens and hydrates your hair, leaving it soft and full of volume.

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​"The day before my birthday I needed to have my hair done ASAP after having braids for 4 months, my sister suggested that I go to Simply Sophisticated. Her co-worker had this amazing hair cut that was breath taking! I took a leap of faith and I have not regretted one second. She is amazing and she knows exactly what will go with your personality and your face. I rarely brag, and Simply Sophisticated is the IT type to brag about."​

Farah M

West Miramar, FL

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"In MiMi's hands...Going to Simply Sophisticated feels like going to that big sister to share wisdom and talk ideas, not people. The atmosphere is dynamic and perfect for unwinding after a  long day or week...Simply Sophisticated is simply WONDERFUL!!"


Anastasia H.

Boca Raton, FL




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